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Turn dental treatment into a pleasant mini vacation!

Dental treatments are services with a considerable cost, especially in Western Europe, or the United States.

Value for money

The rates of medical services depend on the place where you live and the level of the respective country. Quality standards do not.

A quality treatment does not depend on the country where you live, but on the standard of the clinic in which you are treated.

Travel, transport and accommodation plan

We know that planning a trip can be complicated so our experts are ready to offer you a complete travel plan: from transport and accommodation, transfer from the airport to the hotel, to travel ideas in the country and a list of the most important tourist attractions in Romania.


The options are varied and patients can enjoy a complete vacation.

Depending on the time you have available, we offer various tourist options in Romania, Moldova or the Botosani area. You can visit from the famous Dracula's Castle or Peles Castle, Sighisoara or Bucovina, to Mosia Cai de Vis (the destination of healthy food lovers and horseback riding enthusiasts) or the Mihai Eminescu Memorial House and the Ipotesti lake.


Sighisoara, Romania
Clinica Stomatologica Dentastic - Botosani, Romania

Where can you see pictures before and after with the patients treated at our clinic?

In the CASES gallery.


You can convince yourself that at the end of an aesthetic dental treatment the patient's smile is impressively beautiful compared to the initial situation.

Treatment plan and evaluation of medical fees

It is enough to send us by email to a recent panoramic dental radiography and to specify what problems you want to solve.


In the clinic we perform over 120 common procedures, including dental implants, dental crowns and ceramic veneers in a single visit, for this reason we do not have a detailed list of fees. We are well organized and we provide everything you need so that at the end of the dental treatment you return happily to everyday life .


Find out more information about our services by calling +40754808836 from Monday to Friday between 10:00 - 18:00 or by email at .

The solution

To combine the useful with the pleasant and to solve a large part of the dental problems in a single stay

By choosing DENTASTIC's dental tourism offer, you will benefit from:

Dental treatment costs at least 50-70% lower than a similar dental treatment plan in a country like England, France, Germany or the USA.

Dental tourism is chosen by thousands of patients from abroad who visit Romania annually.


State-of-the-art equipment and the best quality materials

We constantly invest in the most modern equipment, and they support the doctors' effort, in order to successfully complete the treatments. If you choose DENTASTIC dental tourism services, you will be pleasantly impressed by the equipment in the clinic and the comfortable appearance of the clinic.


Quick treatment options, specially adapted for situations when you have little time available, such as a dental tourism stay:

~ Crowns and dental veneers made in a single session, with CAD / CAM system

~ Implantation procedure with immediate loading, Straumann SLA dental implant

~ Endodontics under Carl Zeiss microscope and specialized endodontic equipment to complete the treatment in 1-2 sessions

What remains to be done?

Contact DENTASTIC today at +40754808836 or and tell us what we can help you with, and we will offer you the perfect travel plan and personalized treatment for you!

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